Ingersoll-Rand (India)

March 03,2021

Ingersoll Rand (India) registered 9% fall in sales to Rs 190.37 crore for the quarter ended Dec 2020 hit by lingering impact of COVID pandemic. But with operating profit margin expand by 350 bps to 17.7%, the operating profit was up by 14% to Rs 33.78 crore. The other income was down by 49% to Rs 3.30 crore, the interest cost was down by 61% to Rs 0.23 crore and the depreciation was down by 24% to Rs 3.64 crore. Thus the PBT was up by 8% to Rs 33.21 crore. With taxation up by 86% to Rs 13.30 crore, the PAT was down by 16% to Rs 19.91 crore.

Nine monthperformance

Sales for the period was down by 25% to Rs430.41 crore. But with OPM expand by 190 bps to 16.5% the operating profit was down by 15% to Rs70.87 crore. After accounting for lower other income, lower interest and lower depreciation, the PBT was down by 22% to Rs68.98 crore. With taxation stay flat atRs22.65 crore, the PAT was down by 29% to Rs46.33 crore.

Ingersoll-Rand India: Standalone Results


2012 (3)1912 (3)Var. (%)2012 (9)1912 (9)Var. (%)2003 (12)1903 (12)Var. (%)
OPM (%)17.714.216.514.614.014.3
Other inc.3.306.44-499.7920.51-5236.1333.936
PBT 33.2130.74868.9887.96-22114.03127.45-11
PBT after EO33.2130.74868.9887.96-22114.03127.45-11
EPS (Rs)*####26.825.6
* EPS is on current equity of Rs 31.57 crore, Face value of Rs 10
# EPS is not annualised due to seasonality of business
Figures in Rs crore
Source: Capitaline Corporate Database

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