Ador Fontech

March 03,2021

Ador Fontechthat manufacturers welding consumables of electrodes and wires, welding/cutting machines, life enhancement services, thermal spray products & services, has registered 16% fall in consolidated sales to RS 40.52 crore. But with OPM expand by 290 bps to 13.4%, the operating profit was up by 7% to Rs 5.42 crore. The other income was up by 2% to Rs 0.52 crore and the PBIDT was up by 7% to Rs 5.94 crore. The interest cost was up by 33% to Rs 0.16 crore and the depreciation was down by 16% to Rs 0.75 crore. Thus the PBT was up by 10% to Rs 5.03 crore. With taxation stand higher by 8% to Rs 1.66 crore, the PAT was up by 12% to Rs 3.37 crore.

Nine month performance

Consolidated sales was down by29% to Rs 102.08 crore. With OPM stand decline by 90 bps to 9.8%, the operating profit was down by 34% to Rs 10 crore. The other income was down by 11% to Rs 1.54 crore. With interest cost down by 53% to Rs 0.49 crore and depreciation down by 12% to RS 2.35 crore, the PBT was down by 38% to Rs 8.70 crore. With taxation stand lower by 29% to Rs 3.31 crore, the PAT was down by 42% to Rs 5.39 crore.

Ador Fontech : Consolidated Results


2012 (3)1912 (3)Var. (%)2012 (9)1912 (9)Var. (%)2003 (12)1903 (12)Var. (%)
Sales 40.5248.31-16102.08142.98-29177.15186.43-5
OPM (%)13.410.59.810.78.19.0
Other inc.0.520.5121.541.74-112.842.91-2
PBT 5.034.56108.7014.02-3813.6116.29-16
EO Exp0.
PBT after EO5.034.56108.7014.02-3813.6116.29-16
PAT 3.373.02125.399.35-428.8310.99-20
EPS (Rs)*####2.53.1
* EPS is on current equity of Rs 7.0 crore, Face value of Rs 2
# EPS is not annualised due to seasonality of business
Figures in Rs crore
Source: Capitaline Corporate Database

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